Buying shares in a local startup

Ni lawyer mgani anaweza nisaidia? I have been approached by a local startup who want to sell shares of their company. It’s kind of innovative and niche, profitable, a field I understand very well and I’m kinda of a risk taker. But sijui how to go about it to ensure I get a nice deal. Which type of lawyer deals with this kind of deals? I think hawa wanaweza kusaidia

If its all those things, why are they selling shares?

They need the cash, they’re raising money to expand.

Asante sana. Ktalk is very resourceful sio matusi kila saa

Have you any access to their books, ama ni brochure ulipewa SV?

Why do companies sell their shares?

He has mentioned it is a startup and it is profitable. Uber is not yet profitable and sells shares. A profitable startup would not need to beg an investor who needs to come to kenyatalk for advise.

Where do you get such startups looking for investors?