Buying online via AliExpress

I looking to purchase a item on AliExpress, free shipping included are there any hidden charges during delivery or is the total price the final cost?

If it’s a large item, tax lazima. Utalipia kwa ofisi ya EMS mahali mzigo itaenda…furthermore siku hizi utaona kwa tracking mzigo imefika Kenya halafu ikawie customs for more than 1 and a half months…

might be of help

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Just a watch hope that qualifies as a small package

Watch utaipata ndani ya box ya posta Kama tu barua…

Hiyo ni kidogo, usishtuke. Posta huleta hadi spare parts kubwa kubwa za magari. Indicate your actual postal address and phone contact.

sorry this might be out of context but does posta Kenya ship items out like essential oils?the ones packaged in 10ml bottles and the like?