Buying from E bay: Advice please

Hey people,

Has anyone ever bought stuff from ebay and shipped to Kenya lately?What are your experiences in getting the good in .ke in terms of payments,doing the buying and shipping to Kenya.(how many days does shipping take)

There is an item i need to purchase retailing for 10k(ksh)on olx but new whereas on ebay used is going for 18 usd(about1800ksh).

I wish to know if its worth it to buy from ebay and what will be final cost once it arrives at my doorstep.Any advice,suggestion,critic,matusi are welcome,merry x mas

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Grace yourself for Customs taxes when it lands


@gashwin is it grace or brace? Cc @introvert .


Ongea na kentex kwanza the total cost itakuja no more thna 3k na hautaongeza customs. Ukiorder leo itafika within 2-3 weeks juu ni holiday season


Brace. Autocorrect haki. I rarely go back to what I have written. @introvert samehea pls. Gashui anajua where I touch and he forgets all faults :wink:


Will taxes exceed the value of the item?

Do you they tell you the all the charges beforehand ama you get a surprise when you go collect your item?

They tell you all the charges; just send them the link of the item watakupea quote

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Grace or brace oneself??

I think it’s the latter, which in simple prehestoric English we used to call kukaza kunyii.

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I see from their website they claim to be shipping from USA,the item i need is in the UK,can the also handle that?

If the price is too good to be true, it is. Problem with Ebay is that it is a free-for-all and has become a bonoko-mart.

If the product looks the same but is not genuine, how will you return and obtain a refund within the legally set terms?

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Yes they can. I have imported from US, UK and China

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From the little experience na kentex, you’ll pay through your nose.

Hiyo item, nenda pale ebay, change peferences to lowest price plus shipping first, then change shipping location to yunaired steits ov amelica, hiyo item, chukua link yake, pitia pale, wako na calculator hapo na the latest forex rates. They charge 1k for shipping plus a weight surcharge. The weight surcharge will depend on weight. Anything less than a kilo is prorated to the weight. A kilo is 1k (kama hawakuongeza.) Be careful, hiyo weight calculator ya US inatumia pounds so convert the weight of that item to pounds first.

If it is pretty heavy, you’re better off getting it from UK, they charge less for shipping from UK


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Haki rafiki unanifungia MTU na sikukuu? Naona wewe si rafiki…:(;):wink:

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Why should you change shipping to Usa?