Buying from Abu Dhabi

Is there a Lister in Abu Dhabi or else where, who can guide me in buying an item from an individual there and how to get delivered to Nairobi By Air ?

African Salihiya say they offer services from Abu Dhabi but I cant seem to find their Abu Dhabi office contacts online.

jaribu village smuggler @incognitus

Make arrangements with their estleigh office. Use it to send money too. They offer better exchange rates than banks.

All waria shipping offices are in dubai deira… if you are planning to buy something from abu Dhabi then you’ll need to pay the shop an additional amount of around 50aed to have it delivered to dubai. From there, the waria will have it delivered to you in 3 days

The problem is that it’s an individual i have never met, and not a shop, that is selling me an item. So I can’t pay for the item directly.

You will need to trust a Kenyan there to check the item out physically. thats additional cost coz itabidi umeachia msee ya macho pia. Depending on the cost of the item or importance, you can opt to fly there as well. This is generally the practice when buying stuff from dubbizzle and other sites with individual selling. Chunga usigongwe na the sly pakistanis…

Mabior Garang kwani tulikosana unahangainga hivi nikiwa area?

Waah. Let me me vuta wire @incognitus.

Naona umegundua sio? @incognitus to the rescue!

I have been using Dubai Dubizzle for quite some years. Ths Abu Dhabi one is the one stressing me. I don’t have a contact there.