Buying free old camels, shida tupu - Sergio Aguero

Atletico and Sevilla in particular will be very emboldened to try and dominate La Liga, Real Barca duopoly is finally over.

Real is still good. Am keen to see how good Sevilla is domestically

Never write off Perez, especially with a calm head like Ancelotti leading the project! As for Barca, the Messi effect will be felt for the considerable future. But the duos grip on Spanish football ain’t going away any time! Remember, this is only a minor blip! The financial and political influence is still nigh.

I agree on Real maintaining a stranglehold of the league now but the only way for Barca is down, the squad they have looks so average, Griezmann has been flat, defence is aging etc, Messi carried them over the last few years, Depay and Aguero will be key additions but I don’t see them sustaining extended challenges on multiple fronts. It’s sad to see.