Buying a good pick-up

I want to buy a used pick up kama Toyota hilux 2012 and upwards. Browsing on some japanese website gives me results ya toyota dyna and others that aren’t appealing.

Has anyone bought a pick up recently if yes which Japanese website and how much did you spend.

Nisaidie nitarudisha mkono one day .

login to a Japanese site called sbt Japan then under Toyota category select Hilux you will be able to select from a wide range of pick-ups and the site also provides you with a filter option whereby you able to filter depending on what you need .that’s the only trusted site that I know .

Hilux deals aren’t from Japan. How much are you looking to spend I can get one for you.

other than sbt which other sites offers Toyota Hilux

Tafuta Dmax local

spot on,… in pickup i recommend going local,… and Isuzu Dmax is the ultimate power horse in Kenya plus the single cab can sit three people compared to hilux two persons.

Hilux huwa ni wapi sana sana? UK ama Singapore?

hizi za cocacola hua zinadisposiwa wapi.

Tafuta local my friend achana na ex-japan, chukua mech mzuri uende area ya Ngong Road utafute huko.

There is no hilux pick up or double cab made in Japan since about 2005. Imports come from Thailand UK or south africa. If single cab go local, double cab, Thailand. SBT or beforward have them in stock.

How much for a gently used one. By gently I mean less than 7 years old and in good condition
The cars in this website are always always expensive

msitoo, I’m selling my mark II. any leads or advice?? naweza ileta kwa yard yako and how much would you charge me?

For good hilux pick ups I recommend ex-UK Thank me later

how much and nipe directions daddy . ahsante

  1. m aii hapana my budget is 500-800k cash


You’ve noticed as well?? When I was buying mine it was listed there 100k above olx figures.

Hiyo huwezi pata unless ni mzee over 10 years plus. Hilux ni 1.3-1.7M

Aaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiih…pickup mzito ama mkoko? juu hakuna pickup ya 2012 ya hiyo pesa. pcikup ya hiyo pesa ni make 1994. kama unataka 2012 nunua probox.