Buying a good pick-up

nipe sample . i might re-consider

nipe link ya UK na dhow much will they charge mpaka hapa kenya with all other shenanigans

Vile @wheelz Anesema. Look for one from Thailand.

You can source from this guy (Nick Takizawa) in Thailand on
I have bought 5 units (2 dmax and 3 hilux) from him since 2009 and i can vouch for him. He’s a straight forward guy.

Hiyo I can recommend someone to sell. These days I specialize in imports, lease vehicles and building rental pigsty in the greater Nairobi region.

That budget is way too low for what you are looking for. If you are specific on the model, you may get a locally used Hilux, for approx 1m. Try or local auction and company tenders lists.


Do a little price discovery on olx.

Kuna site yaani website

A few:

Always thank you doc

Look for an old pickup ya kitu 250k eg Mitsubishi L200 alafu strip it down to the core, get a new engine kama TD 27 non turbo at 160k na gear 30k alafu customise the suspension and shocks and springs plus new kicks at about 100k na body work and upholstery at 50k and voila! You’ve got itself a new L200 for approx 600k.

You have someone in mind who knows where to get all this? You make it sound easy

The only tricky part is to get a used pickup with a good body. Once you hack that, everything else can actually be shoped from industrial area and assembled in a day or two. You just need a good mechanic and about a week off to oversee the job and make the purchases yourself to ensure you get quality products. Some jobs are not delegated ukienda shop ya spares for example, Luna glow plugs za Taiwan 250 na Japan 500. Woe unto you ukituma makanika coz utajua hujui

this is so helpful. ill get started on him

Cool, I wanna be just like you when I grow up. Thanks for your advice in that matter, may your stores always be full.

Hi Purple