Buyer Beware (Ctrl+C==Ctrl+V)

I thought that I should share this information as part of my social responsibility towards you numbnuts. Straight from Buyer Beware

When buying a vehicle, please check the logbook and ensure it is written Transfer Number but not duplicate number. If the latter, let the seller give sufficient reasons why he / she has a duplicate logbook and if possible give you the police abstract report showing it may have been reported stolen. However, logbook sio kitu ya kupotea ovyo ovyo unless kuchomeka etc. . In most cases, he / she could be having the original - with a possibility of the logbook having secured a loan somewhere. Buyer, beware - I have attached two screenshots of what to look out for to identify whether the logbook is original or a duplicate copy.


the two documents should be in different colors.

Zangu zimeandikwa original no. or it’s because i import the cars directly.

Probably because you are the first owner in Kenya. Sijui maneno ya magari sana, but that is my guess. Zangu ni transfer numbers


Very informative.


While we’re at it, clearing agent hulipisha ngapi?

Goid tip!!

Good information



Sawa mkubwa.