Buy anything 2nd hand at your own risk

The owner was murdered.

Kwa office ya DCI hakuna professionalism, so kurahisisha kazi yao wao huassume mtu yyote ako na kitu ya mtu amekufa ndio muuwaji, hawawezi fikiria

DCI have professionalism. The guy was jailed for handling stolen property, not murder. The guy who sold the motorbike to him was probably the one who was jailed for robbery with violence/murder.

There’s a case of a doctor who had a phone of a murdered person.

This guy was not a doctor. KNH walisema he never worked for them. He never even went to med school. Just local criminal out to fool gullible people.

What? Hio ni criminal. I thought the producer gets info from the wardens?

During his case, KNH’s HR guy alisema he never worked for them. Info iko online. He still insists alikuwa neurosurgeon. He should be in a psychiatric facility. Angekuwa neurosurgeon, he wouldn’t have “bought” cheap stolen second hand items.

Its working for him his years were reduced