Buy An Apartment In Kenya At Your Own Peril

Raising kids in an apartment is not ideal. However, Kenya is a poor country. You get in where you fit in. I’m sure they would like mansions to raise their kids in. Consider this. Most jobs are in towns and cities. Getting a maisonette in say Nairobi and its environs isn’t cheap…40k/month minimum. How many Nairobians can afford that?? I wouldn’t advise someone living in an apartment to breed like a rat. But I kinda understand why most people in the city raise kids in apartments - that’s what they can afford.


We’re talking about people who buy apartments at 15M.

Read his comment again. He is talking about people who live in apartments.

Hao tend to ppl with nomadic lifestyles like walalos, guys looking to park money (stupidly) ama diaspora idiots looking to stunt on peasants back home

Diaspora peasants don’t buy apartments. They build mansions in the village kushtua watu instead of buying property in Sodom where they reside. Watu bure kabisa.

I disagree…why are they always marketing to them. Especially ladies. Unadhani a single mother in the diaspora ataenda kuishi gichagi. Matter of fact i know a couple that have apartments in westlands. Remember the fool that used to dance on tiktok that was kicked out in an apartment that was owned by a mama in the diaspora

Some do but most of them build in their shaggz (kujengea Wazazi). Buying property at a place you don’t live is foolish in my opinion. That’s why I’m always shocked that these companies market to the diaspora. Why would you sell to someone who’s never going to live there? It means they don’t need it. Developers should lower prices so they can sell to Kenyans who reside here. Instead, they set the prices so high and market to a group of people who will probably never return home.

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But look at the other side of the coin. Estates like Great Wall that are just chaotic brothels. That’s what happens when the residents association doesn’t put their foot down. So yes, it is ridiculous to have your living arrangements dictated by third parties when you’re a homeowner, but at the same time…we do this to ourselves. If someone wants their complete and total freedom, they should live alone, not in apartment complexes.

Seriously these reports have been going on for the last 7-8 years. How damn can people be, still buying these apartments.

Kenya is huge. There are so many apartments coming up in low demand places, and even better locations than Kilimani. Kilimani lost its allure in 2005-2010. Why it’s even in the news, Just baffles me. Who’s still dreams of living in Kilimani? Let them tell me how much rent they pay there, I will take them to Kiambu to a unit with fantastic views, modern cabinetry, less noise, no street walkers and thugs ( so they can take weekend walks) for 70% of their rent.

I also keep telling a friend of mine to avoid buying these apartments ananiona mjinga…

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yeye pia hulipia malaya rent??

Yeye pia hulipia malaya rent??