But why?

Bahati is taking too much fire from KOT Defense Forces. In my experience, twitter wars don’t just start. Bahati alifanyia watu nini tena?






Bitchy thread

Bring more

He brought it to himself by taunting KOT trolls. Why is it the pics are coming out now after all this time?

I think they want to play the victim card in the future. claim cyber bullying on whatever shit that comes up.
plus the publicity. and we are playing to their needs.
we should ignore this cunt to oblivion

Mean age ya hawa trolls wa kot najua haipiti 13 yrs. Huku ni u toto

Bahati is baiting naive KOT trolls online. He and his crazy bitch wife know exactly what they are doing. They ride on this fame of courting controversy on the internet. They are feeding the trolls according to schedule. Remember that recently they had a shitty show on NTV which aired for several months. He started these dirty games and he is not backing down soon. Don’t be surprised if Bahati goes for a political seat in 2022.

No man would want his family trolled like this.

Bahati is a kid. He is yet to grow and understand that your family should be away from social media.

Look at how Churchill, Nameless etc wanacheza chini…