But why is our power still so expensive and unreliable?

This green energy propaganda seems to be just for optics.


Tuko type 1 civilisation

Have you seen your latest eectricity bill …???

Propaganda aje? Kenya has one of the most carbon/eco friendly electricty generation in the world. Kengen is the only company in kenya which sells carbon credits under the kyoto protocol. KPLC buys electricty cheaply from kengen and sells it expensiviley. Blame KPLC and IPP cartels. Also, umeona Southern Africa? Kina Malawi, SA, Namibia etc, wanaumia na load shedding. Up west Nigeria hawana stima ni generators tupu. we are doing well.

nimesema mara mingi, electric vehicles na green power, na car age limits ni scam. parasitic owners of capital wenye hutaka binadamu wote wawe slaves wao ndio wanaleta io maneno.

Ata ivo, io kengen iuzwe sababu haina faida kwetu. umeme tunanunua kwa private developers, kengen ina maana gani?

Nashangaa pia. Clearly, we don’t live in the same Kenya.

Power Production and Energy Supply and Marketing should be a Strategic Core State responsibility …

The introduction of middlemen , cronies , thieves , and cartels is what is messing things up …
[…we need to learn a lesson from that ESKOM mess in South Africa …]

But with the current Hustlers and Zakayo in power , it ain’t happening …

Strange , is it not …
We blamed Colonialists for all the evils that transpired in the past …

In the 1960’s - 1980’s systems and parastatals were viable and delivered …

  • KCC
  • KFA
  • KMC
  • KPLC
  • KTDA
  • Kenya Airways
  • Pyrethrum Board of Kenya
  • Cotton Lint Marketing Board
  • Kenya Coffee Board
  • various Sugar Production Facilities.
  • various Cereals Boards
    …etc…etc…etc …

All now dying or dead as a DODO …
And it is all just due to bad governance , cronyism , ineptude , endemic graft and corruption …

Cheap coal energy will reverse the adverse effects of cutting down trees in kenya for charcoal.

Our indigenous trees take so many years to grow. But we can grow exotic trees in the short term

Coal energy was short down by bonobos for global warming and still the developed countries use it to generate cheap power

The question is, can you industralize with green energy? NO

Fuck green energy
Fuck Electric vehicles
How are those batteries made? They are made from cheap slave labor in the DRC Congo no one talks about that.
Fuck George Soros
Fuck @Maraiyoiyo that chicken shit piece of crap

James Hall is @Mangele ama that cow @Ndindu

Kenya is a failed state rule by illiterate thieves. Nothing happening there to call home about as far as I’m concerned bro… :smiley: