Watu wanakula ujeuri na ile kijiko kubwa ya kuchota simit.

One blek American said , “We didn’t know the Biden admin could treat black people like this . I bet they wouldn’t treat Danish immigrants like this.”







[SIZE=7]Biden Begins Massive Deportations of 15,000 Haitians From Texas Border, 300 Per Flight, Many Under 5 Years old [WATCH][/SIZE]
https://newsrescue.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/biden4.jpegKIEV, UKRAINE - Jan 16, 2017: Vice president of USA Joe Biden during his visit to Kiev and meeting with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko
Lazy eyes listen
[li]More than 300 Haitians returned to their homeland on Sunday, after being deported from the United States-Mexico border where nearly 15,000 migrants set up camp as they waited to enter the country[/li][li]More than half of the 327 Haitians that were deported on Sunday were under the age of five and were born abroad, according to AFP, as their parents traveled to South and Central America before coming to the US[/li][li]They said they were forced to sleep on the floor with plastic tarps as they were being processed [/li][li]One official said the Department of Homeland Securitywould likely send five to eight flights of migrant out per day starting on Sunday while another expects no more than two a day [/li][li]The plan also includes increasing the number of Border Patrol in the area by sending 400 agents and officers by Monday morning – and more if necessary [/li][li]Haitian migrants are using a dam to cross into and from the U.S. and Mexico and staying shaded near a bridge[/li][li]Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano said Saturday there were 14,534 immigrants at the camp under the bridge[/li][/ul]
Border agents on horseback chased down migrants illegally crossing the border into the United States to try and join a camp of more than 15,000 immigrants in an isolated Texas town.
Haitian migrants are pleading with Joe Biden not to deport them after being stopped at the United States-Mexico border – as more than 300 returned home on the first flights on Sunday.
The United States Border Patrol began removing groups of mostly Haitian migrants from a makeshift camp more than 15,000 immigrants set up in an isolated Texas town over the weekend.


On Saturday, the Department of Homeland Security announced it moved about 2,000 of the migrants from an encampment beneath a bridge in Del Rio, Texas to other locations for processing and possible removal from the United States.
The statement said it would have 400 Border Patrol agents and officers in the area by Monday morning and would send more if necessary.
By Sunday, nearly 330 Haitians were deported to Port-au-Prince on three flights from the United States.
A U.S. official revealed to the AP on Friday that they would likely send five to eight flights of migrants out per day in the coming week.

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Brown people are received with open hands

So biden is racist for whipping kneegars.

Lets wait for blm idjits to do their thing.

Portland, Oregon, muko area? Chicago, semeni ayieya! Seattle, kuweni standby action inakuom! Start the burning and looting! Racism still exists!


Demonrats are the real racists here. Conservative Red States have openly welcomed Afghan refused who are over 100k yet Blue states can’t admit a mere 15k Haitians?? I hope Black people wake up to the scam that is Demonrats. If this happened under Trump, the press, celebrity class, and social media activists would be losing their minds and calling for his lynching and execution. Ni sawa tu

Demonscams are showing true colors…

They distabilize Haiti and then they whip migrants…

Wapelekwe Chimpcago na Hollywood.

waweke hizo mapicha ikuwe black and white ikae kama 1900

Yes we know Drumpf would have received those migrants with open arms full of puppies and rainbows

Trump mwenyewe alisema hataki immigrants but hypocrite mzee Biden and his democrat party said everyone are welcomed. Now vile ni nyeusi from Haiti suddenly illegal immigration is bad. The latinos were not whipped when they crossed but nyeusi is chased like a dog.

Bleks humbwar takataka watengeneze kwao kwanza. I don’t care if they will take up arms and hit the forests to take out the corrupt regime.

Si you activate protests bana? Si umeona muthungu juu ya farasi chasing down kneegars?

the democrats reliving the good old days, nyeusi akitoroka plantation whip them and send them back

hawaogopi mexicans lakini ngoja nyeuthi zikuj, inakuwa noma. Why are negros hated so much

History repeating itself right before our eyes today. :frowning: