BUSTED! JaKuon caught pants down

In a last ditch effort to denigrate Jubilee and cause panic in the country, JaKuon called a press conference all excited with FAKE news that his NASA tallying center had been raided by cops. And in a surprisingly responsible move, the media decided to check it out for themselves before printing screaming headlines. All they found was chirping birds :slight_smile:

I ask you my dear brothers and sisters, why would you vote anyone for a character like this? All of his life this scumbag has claimed to be the victim even when he makes up stories out of the blue. Is this Presidential in your eyes? Even Donald Trump is saying what a stupid lie it was.



@Amused wewe kwenda ukatuletee habari za Dru…is that you call him,Drumpf?
N please take note,throwing that name Scumbag around irresponsibly and am here is just setting yourself up. For a confrontation…

Oh I know they’re coming but they don’t have a leg to stand on. Especially because what I said is true, they are going to be flinging feces at me. Been there done that.




The ‘tallying center’ is probably an ordinary Kenyan office with a minor LAN and several servers, not at all equipped to handle national results. There was one in Ghana, TZ and Germany, so went the boasts at rallies. Wapi?

The raid was staged so that the JaKuonist rabble can be told that there was no parallel tally because Jubilee took away the equipment.

The foreign media was quick to swallow the yarn (Guardian has since edited the header, but Google results still say this):

[SIZE=6]Kenya government denies pre-election raid on opposition offices[/SIZE]

If baba tells says your wife is pregnant. Prepare for a child.

ati servers, you know i keep hearing this word being thrown around lately. unawapea too much credit @Nattydread . Probably its a few PCs connected together using cross over cables.

Just another day of opposition blunders.


NMG was forced to retract the post by Koinnet

@spear isn’t there a law or regulation against publishing unsubstantiated information?

royal media services is using its field networks to collect data for ODM tallying. habari ndio hiyo. expect more red herrings in the next two days…

Hii opposition ni meffi tu.

Their defeat is certain, they are now looking for excuses.


Their is common sense.
In the Journalism code of conduct which they forgot or never learnt says you must verify news before publishing.
Yes, its illegal to publish fake news.

Crooked media and crooked opposition ni meffi tu.


Ktalk is an ODF Zone!

Between today and Election day one of the opposition leaders will go into hiding and they will claim he has been abducted. This is just to whip up emotions, conspiracies and try to sabotage the elections. Everything else has failed, Kenyans are ready to vote, all systems are go and observers are here. The opposition is facing forced retirement and they are running scared of being irrelevant in 72 hrs.

70%+1 votes win.


the media can only apologise but you can sue them if their information causes you demonstrable loss. they however do not like apologizing because apologizing regularly erodes their credibility. so more often than not they will pretend they didn’t goof if they can get away with it/shift blame…

Watch the documentary ‘get me Roger Stone’ and you will understand ODM communication strategy. The 1st Stone rule, ‘I would rather be infamous rather than not famous at all.’ He says there is value in disinformation as long as no one is breaking the law.

miti inatelezaaaa

Ok. So preach falsehoods. nay, “disinformations”? Yeah, that sounds less malicious. Then when the supporters are up in a frenzy blocking the roads and causing chaos to their neighbours, who gets the runt of the crimes they will commit?

si hii info iko confirmed ama Mimi ndio Niko Tanzania?

Then you say it was " alternative facts". Sadly his believers think it is okey; that the end justifies the means.,.