Busness education workshops and short practical courses

Hello friends i need help and advice regarding practical education in business studies and self education.
I have dropped out university in my 2nd year studying computer Science because of work overload at small business that i run but more importantly
i was having problem with how theoretical the classes were.The business has been successful so far and i am happy with the results however i want to
study more practical courses that apply to business and that can easily help me with running and expanding my business further.
I am avid reader and always enjoyed math and science courses so i started Acca self study course which i feel is practical but has alot of topics that are not relevent
to me .
What i am saying is that i am need a course that’s business related practical and can easily be applied to real business operations in general.
I am also thinking about workshops and related events that can accumulate the four year courses into 6months practical studies if such thing exists.
What do you advice fellow Kenyans?

School will never teach you how to run a business. The best way is to look for a mentor and start from there

Hiyo biz ulianza ni gani?

biz ni kuingia na kuanguka unaamka unaslide unaruka mwishowe unaigia laini

Thats good idea.Where can i find credible mentorts

The business is doing well and i am happy with the results but self education and finding quality material is become hectic

Tafuta @Macharia wa kamau akufunze how to survive Kwa biashara za mitaani

pambana kabisa nayo may be make it more professional and authentic

Angalia industry yako. Who has done well there? They could be competitors, but bado mentors. Pia, Angalia related fields pia

Ingia LinkedIn uanze kutafuta enye wako n similar biz.That’s a good place to search