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Hi Talkers,
I am really puzzled at the moment. I am trying to figure out which kind of a business can 250K open up.

Wanakijiji kujeni msaidie huyu mjamaa. Have you ever been to some place and realized there is some missing service or product; something that someone should have figured out a long time ago. Give this man a pointer.

Utaambiwa uendelee kufanya chenye ulifanya kupata hiyo 250k…

:DI almost did that:D

That amount may or may not be much money depending on your situation. If you are independent with dependencies, the amount will be a few hundred shillings less by the time you figure something out. Let us get to my suggestion. You may need a business that will not tie your capital down for a long time, something that returns your ‘fluid’ capital within a few days. Businesses such as hotels and groceries come as good examples here. However, your choice must also be directed by interests and some knowledge.
You could also choose something that you can jump-off fast if things don’t work. For example, you could buy 3 motorcycles at 200k. Scout for a location that is not yet served by motorbikes and establish your own shed. You could employ three riders and act as the manager. Such a business will afford you daily returns and still give you a smooth exit should it not work as envisaged. This is just an example. I hope you will get more from participants.


sema nikutaftie sure bet…


what l learnt in business is dont look at the rewards at first, think of something you enjoy doing then think of how you will monetize it, then find a suitable place to do it

hio strory ya nduthi umeambiwa hapo juu ni tricky kidogo wasee wa nduthi watajitafutia kwanza ndio wakupee kidogo yako, nduthi dents na service cost utashindwa inafanyia nani kazi, heri hio pesa ununue tuktuk ujiendeshee

Fungua ka wines and spirit na usiuze contraband

where in Kenya?

By location I mean a spot. You just need to think creatively. I am sure you have seen pick-up points proliferating by the day. At one time, people would be picking motorbikes at point A. Then a few riders figure out that a substantial number of the passengers come from a direction X.They decide the take the motorbikes closer to these passengers creating a new pick-up point.

… fanya chenye ulifanya kupata hiyo 250k…

Sorry, I had to. :smiley:

Fungua busherry.

What I’ll say is, whatever biz you find yourself doing, give it a good try. Since you’ll probably be entering a line where there are many others, make yourself attractive to prospective clients. This is done by being honest, fair and patient. Usiwe mtu anafikiria he can get rich quickly doing the biz and go on to short change others. Good luck.

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