Business robbed

Hi guys , so yesterday thieves broke into my business ,a bar and restaurant , left with liquor , audio system , customers ’ phones and cooking gas.
So damn cold especially since we just started operations barely a month back.
Fucked up Sunday morning.

What were customers’ phones doing there?

Always do a security assessment before investing in a location, or moving to a location. The same way you wouldn’t buy a 75 inch TV and an i-phone in kibera for obvious security reasons.


I’ve been in the said location for years with zero break ins… I don’t know how the fuckers got me this time

Sorry man! I hope you had insurance???

Nope…getting one asap

Kuibiwa happens and will probably happen again. Usirudishe biashara hapo kama hakuna soldier.

Is good to invest in a security company with guards

Pia kuna ile alarm system with strobe lights .
It can also send a ka erts to designated phone number by calling or SMS.

Signs of times. Pole Sana.

Pole ndugu, you cant really stop a determined thug from breaking in but can only discourage and make their job harder. Beef security, add grills, install security locks to comlement padlocks, alarm and cctv, soldier up with an established security firm that responds, lastly if thugs still make attempts, juice their preffered break in points with elec. Talk with a certified electrician, theyre quite savvy with said installations…kazana lakini, youll get back on track.

Burglaries huwa ni inside job, that’s why watchmen and staff are the first to be arrested/questioned by police.

Pole boss

What’s the name please ?

If you do that KPLC will come for you and your electrician you end up in court. Its misuse of elec and a fire risk. Only a very stupid electrician would agree to do it for you.

Hio security lock naeza pata wapi. Kuna burungo na nunua na ninaogopa vijana WA kotkot.

Pole sana, is there a chance they could be apprehended?

They are usually compromised or are the masterminds.

So sorry for the lose bro