Business Registration Query

I have a business name registered under 3 partners,but the business doesn’t operate anymore and would like to use the same name for the same nature of business but without the last 2 partners,but with a different partner. Anyone ever done this?
I was at my local huduma centre but the guy didn’t give any concrete info.

NB: business name not a company.

If reserved over a month ago, it’s invalid.

Don’t get stuck over a name. Add a letter, word, punctuation…etc.

Obtain written resignation letter from the outgoing partner or death cert if deceased,next is an affidavit indicating that they are willingly resigning as partners and transferring their interest to you
you will be required to fill in the notice of change form indicating that there are new partner/s being introduced in the business. Secondly, the notice will require a signature from the original proprietor/s and submitted to the registrar for registration. Cheki kwanza kama bado iko registered and valid,clear all fees and/or penalties,KRA kabla uanzane

The Business name is already registered as a business.

You can register 1000 business names in a few days. You don’t have to use that, register one as a sole proprietorship. Myself, I have several that I pull out depending with the requirements of a deal.

Thank you.
The business is still active,checked on ecitizen. It hadn’t been assigned a KRA pin yet or registered for any statutory deductions. We were trading sometime last year,halted operations in September of 2020.

The reason as to why I want to use the name is cause it was catchy,had logo designs made,as in itakuwa easier than starting from scratch.

waste of money, stress Bure. Alter the name slightly and register again

2nd Huduma visit and it doesn’t seem like it’ll happen. I’ll just do this.

Its the sentimental value,money is no object