Business Premises for Rent

I’m looking for a business premises in CBD. It has to be at least 5m by 5m and has to be on the ground floor. Preferably facing the road (Yaani watu wanapita hapo nje). Maximum budget is around 100K a month rent.

Halafu mtu asiniinbox. Post hapa and if the deal is good i’ll contact you…

problem is not rent but good-will, utapata hata ya per month 20k but good will ikuwe 500k.
there is one hapo imenti house. not mine but got it kwa ad.

Sande sana elder. In that case, goodwill 500k iko sawa. Shida yangu kubwa kwa sasa ni kupata room kubwa at least 5 metre by 5 meter at least na pia ikuwe Front Face (Yaani shop iko kwa barabara facing the road).

These conditions will help accelerate growth… Unaezakua na iyo link ya ad…

0710 931 377