Business Partnership Gone Wrong!

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Allow me to indulge you this evening. So a member here had a dating app idea and asked we partner. Me i told them, i have no interest in an app, Kenyans DON’T like anything with a subscription per see. They will join but when it gets to pay to view pic etc proceed further they will duck out.
I advised them against as the whole thing was costing a pretty tidy sum. But nope, they weren’t having any of it. They went on developed the app and nobody joined in even for free!
They have now taken each other to court.
What business idea have you ever done jointly and how is it, was it?
Personally, i would strongly advise against anything to do with joint investment not unless, we are talking of a merge of two huge entities.

It took me a while to learn that when somebody asks for business advice, they have already decided to implement the idea.

Always encourage them even if the idea is shiet. After all, they will implement it anyway and if they happen to beat the odds, you will be used as an example of people who discouraged them.

Mimi kama nakujua personally huwezi kuja na idea nikwambie ni mbaya. I learned my lessons in my 20s. Honesty IS NOT the best policy. People don’t take negative news well even if it is meant to help them!!

Wacha ni comment here. To boost engagement kwa thread. Something you should have done for your friends.

I get a secret satisfaction that makes my heart palpitate joyously when I hear someone failed after pursuing a hair-brained idea against all common sense. This has filled my schadenfreude cravings for a month.


Hii osungu …sijamaliza. Samali priss

This is a copy and paste thing… The gist is that two fellows partnered to develop an application and the business did not perform well at all! After sinking his cash, the new partner felt conned and took the other to court…

I think i would give a brothel partnership a shot

Boss whats your fascination with prostitutes and brothels??? Cant you get a regular girl and settle down.

You must be new here ãsshole. Am married fagget…lanye nilisare so comment yangu haimaanishi i still indulge in such activities

Best business partnership in 254 is tenderpreneurship. You have a partner who can get you the tenders, you open shop, apply, supply at exorbitant prices, divy up the proceeds and close shop once you are done. That is what people call business partnership in Kenya.

Never partner with your relatives. Even if you like or don’t like a business idea remain neutral and ambivalent. As long as it ain’t your money what do you care. It’s no different than meeting a friend excited about going to a casino to win big, will you burst his bubble when you can see he’s hell bent on gambling?

Actually prostitutes say that majority of their customers are married. So your being married makes you more likely to be a customer. :smiley: