Business Or Sophisticated Con

Na huyu dame anakaa amelipwa for PR purposes, go to Kakamega then fly to New York to interview and sanitize the dude…hmmmmmmmm

This Mwale guy seems to be on a PR blitz and a feel good about the Hamptons that hes building, but follow this thread. Is it actually a 200 mbirrions Kenya Shillings project. He seems to like pretty girls and white girls to market it. Anyone ever been to that area atuambie kwa ground mambo ni tofauti to what extent? Hell provide free power to the villagers etc etc


While there`s something kwa ground, the claims this guy makes are out of this world. A 200Mbirrions City will definitely rival Northlands and Tatu City

He is yet to pay his suppliers, this shameless twat

The two rivers complex was built using 280m USD(structures plus land purchase).Tatu city 200m USD. Hii Mwale city ndio ya 2bn USD :D.

With research study ya 4M USD

What is he up to then …

I have a nose for a hoax and this smells like one