Business name to Limited (LLC) company

How much does it cost to change business name to limited and how long??

This many monies

Have a budget of not less than 150k

A wise businessman will tell you not to do it. The taxman will come to haunt you with a long history from a business name to a company. It’s advisable to close the business and register an almost similar LLc. EG Mwendawazimu Enterprises becomes Mwenda Wazimu Kenya Limited. Note the difference. Kalasinga have done it for years.

thanks…i think i will do that…

Very easy… for 50K…i can refer u to someone in town now. By Next week ukue na kampuni yako.

50k is abit too high…wacha nikazane na ecitizen polepole.but thanks for the info

:D:D:D… uko na ngapi…

wacha nimalizane tu na ile gava inataka…

25-30k but hiyo idea ya Theuri is better.