So last week has been a buzz of the famous billionaire from China Jack Ma. All I see on media is how his speech was great and people forwarding the summarized speech. Remember the story of how missionaries came to Kenya in the name of spreading the gospel, next thing was them taking land and colonizing us. Making kenyans of that time fight for what was rightfully theirs. This is the same scenario, Jack Ma never came to offer speech here. Instead just like any other investor he came looking for an opportunity. No billionaire will waste jet fuel and hotel bookings just for a speech which can be done on you tube.
Soon he is going to invest something big here. The first kenyans to see that opportunity will reap alot. Too bad most of us will keep forwarding that speech instead of you utilizing the advice, end result…poor remains the same.
Stop forwarding and start acting. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa.

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Are you upto his idea then?

The jet fuel and hotel costs were paid for by UNCTAD