Business men here ,do you pay tax?

Can kra waste their time on a small fish with less than 50 million turnovers in accounts?
The small fish as a good citizen files zero returns .can the long arm of taxman Snoop into that business?

[SIZE=5]The day you attempt to make a significant purchase; land ama gari mzito, utatii.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]It isn’t worth it in the long run.[/SIZE]

I think they follow few potical threats .

I think they can notice 50mill. Nyongea na ulipe kiasi. Huwezi kuwa mkono gamu 100%. Infact, I think zero returns is a big flag for audit. That means you don’t want to pay and are too lazy to cook. Either weka loss ama ulipe kitu kidogo.

[SIZE=5]Mukamba what are you talking about? I thought we were discussing taxes?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Just know the moment unatumia KRA pin, for instance in the process of land transfer, alarms will be triggered on KRA’s end.[/SIZE]

All tax issue can be fixed by KRA brokers at AGIP house.

Pay Something small,kra are white collar kriminals

There’s some tax for small business sijui inaitwa assumed or something unalipa once a year. Alafu ukiongea na tax lawyer atakusaidia kuavoide taxes na vitu kama hizo. The earlier you start managing your tax obligation the better. Once you, if you do grow, your business enemies will use your past mistakes to finnish you.

Nakumbuka kuna mwabiashara hardware wa sijui embu au kirinyaga aligongwa na tax bill ya billioni tisa due to penalties. Hiyo yote am sure ilikuwa ni wivu ya past businesses deal au jilted employee. Get your books in order to cover yourself in future.

Umetumwa na KRA?

In .ke, the same KRA agent taking you to court for failing to pay 100k taxes could be responsible for stealing millions of tax money.

Hata 50 bob hauna

Even when you get caught with tax non payment you can still fix it with the KRA brokers at Agip house.

It works like the police, i.e all the responsible authorities know the police are extorting millions from the public daily but its left to happen as incentive to the police.

Similarly, even the head of KRA knows there are KRA brokers with offices at Agip house and other places.

When former auditor general Ouko said that 1/3 of revenue collected by GOK is stolen, those brokers are responsible for a huge part of that.

The only time you can not use the KRA brokers is when the criminal leadership is useing KRA to come after you. e.g Tabitha Karanja of keroche breweries

Wananidai 40k due to late filing of monthly vat returns and i think i will need tax compliance soon. Do those guys help in this kind of situation because i don’t want to pay that penalty?

Mimi sio tax cheating consultant, go find out for yourself. Utapata wengine just standing around KRA times tower.You can identify them by the way they look around at people going into times tower. Na kama wewe ni fala utagongwa since you can’t go to report to the police

That’s not a lot of money. You can find someone to sort you out. Tafuta tu. I would recommend you pay it though.

All this time that alarm never triggered mpaka nimezoeya

:D:D:D:D:D poor people always think others are poor ,that was my childhood mentality before I escaped and I am not turning back .I better drink wine with the devil than go back to porverty.pole chokosh ngangana utafanikiwa

[SIZE=5]How many parcels of land have you acquired? Alafu umeangusha milioni ngapi?[/SIZE]

After starting my own business, taxes have become an integral part of my life. I think I will soon dream about how I hate these endless statements, declarations, paperwork. It is the most tedious and time-consuming thing that can happen in your company. I recently decided to hire an accountant and made a bit of a mistake. It turned out that I did all of the accountant’s work much faster than he did himself. As it turned out, he was new, and this was his first experience with the firm. I even had to explain to him how to make a paycheck. But I wasn’t going to fire him. This guy is up-and-coming; he’s going to make it.