Business ideas needed

Wanakijiji…what is that business that one can start in Kenya ,with a starting capital of 300k…any leads will be highly appreciated…

Buy bitcoins @$7000 and sell @$0.7. That is *10000 return on investment. You will be thanking your creative genius:D:D

Quarter million ikunywe maji?..cryptocurrency isa NO…hiyo ni ukora tupu…inataka mtu ako na roho ngumu



You mean sell at 7 k and buy at 0.7. Aka a short sell.

Photocopy,typing services, cyber n mpesa near a college or uni

Buy shares.

No. I mean exactly what I wrote. I am being sarcastic

say 0.3M and we will talk biz

Nah… Will go with quarter million :stuck_out_tongue: