Business idea

A better idea will be to clean & detail sofa sets, carpets etc. You will need some equipment to get the job done. YouTube is a great learning source for this work. Some guys are already doing it btw. Hustle ikiva rushia mimi ya macho

True hapa unawasee walichangamkia mbaya sana

Hapo sasa target client muhimu sana but hapo kwa bikini noma.utavunja keja za wasee

Eeeeh mama,watu hawana huruma na mtoto hawajazaa naona.

Ukweli kabisaa.
Weekday tricky msee atoke ngware kisha arudi late juu ya traffic.
Usiku that’s when the idea come to love live.

Hapa soja hunioshea na approximately 150.
Car wash ni 300.
Kuna zingine za 1k pia na bado jamaa has clients
Wenye wanajua nomads Ggaba road.
Owned by a kenyan.
How many times do you have your car washed?
Depending on weather.

I concur with you.
I have a brilliant proposal for this.
Very different from the norm.

Corrected. Madam Admin. :smiley:

As long as you do a very clean job and establish good relationships with the mamas, you won’t be short of customers. What i like about women is they’re very competitive & jealous , the minute they see you working on a neighbors house they will pull you aside and tell you to do the same for her.

Very true.
As long as the boys don’t go on shagging spree its bad for business

You need to look for the video of a lady who started a company to loan boda boda people money for buying bikes. She has set up good systems to get her money back from these guys.

My dear, have you ever lend the so called people the small amount and enjoyed the fun of having to go after them to pay up. Kama bado apana fikiri, not a very sexy idea

Do you have a link?

check this out.What you want to do someone else is already doing it,hata kuosha gari kwa hao za wasee plus upholstery za hao etc


She’s on the second half of this video.

I didn’t want to do it.
The idea to those who can.
Nice one man.
It means it can be done.

Already in effect in areas along langata and mombasa road. Most car washes offer a service where they come to your house and pick your car to be driven to their washing area and then driven back to you.

It’s actually free because they want to maintain the I client base.

In Kenya, lower prices will not bring more customers. Do that and in a few days, others will be doing the same. Quality is the most viable way to go.