Business idea

I have just been thinking.
Since most people live in apartments or so called gated communities and most of them drive up and about.
Is it viable to have cars spruced up at their homes at a fee.
This means no need of going to carwash.
Any one interested can take up this.
Give back Monday.

Is it economically viable to haul all those carwash gadgets up and down throughout the estates?

come on where do you live?
Where i live our gateman (maasai) cleans cars at 150 siku amekula mguka sana anachapa kazi safi sana at discount so 100/ us here dont use carwashes only those who thinks that executive car wash zile za 500 huleta difference of which i suspect it is only some guy who drives an E350 but still the E350 guy still gives him 200 for being an interesting maasai as tip from time to time.
utatoa watu kaa hao kwa hio biz aje? kadudu kangu kanangara kweli kweli me he washes mine thrice a week

landlord atakubali kama unakuja na maji yako

It’s a good thought, but zile challenges kama gated community rules might put you off, if you got a soft head… nakumbuka ma wochi wegine pia hapo ndio extra overtime yao iko. so i can see you straggling to gain access.
But ni poa. go for it.

First it means you need means of transport to carry the equipment and the team.

Not a good idea; too much effort for very small profit margins.

If you have the stomach for it, the best game in town is micro-finance. Start lending (poor) people small amounts of money at sky high interest rates.

Buda hao maasai huosha gari inabaki na lines kwa vyoo.
Gari ni wash mpaka inanukia fiti.
Mpaka polish.
Anyone would want to stand out with a shine.

Hmmm.its a thought.
And how will these people pay you back?
Expound on it abit.

Place kama lifestyle heights in tatu city they have setup a car wash area which will be operated by the community… the proceeds Will go towards maintaining the estate.
jacaranda kuna raia ilijajaruka ikaweka car apo inje ya gate… clients huleta gari apo kwake lakini saa zingine anatuma wasee wake wachukua iki oshwa wakarudisha. I think this is most practical way to do it.

Kwani hiyo wash ina last for how many days?

Speaking of car wash. Kuna area posh posh Kama Buru 5 Greenspan Nasra komarock heights na zinginezo. Now here is the idea you set up a car wash that will be operated by bikini babes, Kitu Kama poor man’s bikini show.

tunakataa kulipa

I don’t have the details, sorry. But I know of 3 people who are nukishaing onions proper. The only other way is mafia tactics or have them deposit their TV, laptops, log books etc.

If you’re tech savvy, get an app and join the bandwagon of fintech lending companies.

fikiria. people don’t go to carwashes to have their cars washed. they go there to have beer. avoid that tension at the house. escape from nagging wives.

True. you can limit your clients to civil servants and still make a lot of money.

bana hio wash tumeachia big wigs maasai anatumia kitu ingine soft on my car but still ana gunia ya kugwaruza tyres though some people yeye hugwara gari zao pia but he is good

From legislooters ,gafanas stealing mirrions to now high interest rate lenders, seems its open season on wanjiku.

Fanya hivi …most car wash charge 150 -200, fungua yako and you target ubers and charge them 100 chini ya maji, hao wengine charge as usual.word will go round na utapata unaosha even 15 ubers a day within 2 weeks of operation. That’s 1500 daily.make sure unasave 500 daily ya expenses at end month ya stima na maji.

You should save 90%…