Business idea for a probox owner who just lost his job

i lost my job last month. i own a probox. any advice on how i can generate some income ? help a brother!

Uza nayo kitunguu nahuko marsabit.


Do some small research and find some light products from the local industries/supplies that you can distribute to shops in your local. Think about the FMCG such as snacks, cosmetics, toiletries etc.
You have to be aggressive because there might be players already in the market, you need to outsmart them.

Fanya cab nayo juu uko na advantage ya kubeba vitu mob kushinda hutu tu uber

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What produce can you get cheaply from your ushago you resell in your neighborhood?

Uza vegetables za Jamaica kama hawa mabeste.


Unfortunately, just having a probox and losing your job is not enough info to offer any concrete advice. Do you have people (kids/parents etc) who depend on you? Do you have any savings? If yes, how much? What is your current burn rate? What marketable skill set do you have if any?? Kuna so much missing information about you that this post alone isn’t worth answering.

My opinion: selling the damn thing will give you the best return. Depending on the vehicle’s condition, you’re looking at an instant 300k-600k.

Now use that cash to set up a small scale business to get you on survival mode as you scheme for the next big thing.

Good luck mate!


Look for a private school around there, uliza job ya transport ya watoi from school to home. Proboz itabeba shule mzima “sic”


Depends on your location

Mango season. You buy at less than 5 bob a piece and sell at 20 in a different location. Buy from Murang’a sell in nyeri, laikipia and nyandarua. On a good trip returns are about 30k for a two to three day job.


Naweza mpatia discount akinunua maembe kwa shamba yangu hapa Kitui.

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Depends on location. Mafuta from where he is to kitui ni ngapi?
A friend used to pick avocado in his land cruiser double cab anapeleka wajir, was his workstation and sell a piece at 50. Were it not for the fact that it wasn’t for business (he’d only take when visiting home), the business wouldn’t have been viable. The money he got would only cater for the fuel

Enda embu. Ukue distributor wa jaba

Some generic advice.

Saa hii uko denial stage. Hutaki kuuza probox. Ndio maana unatafuta options za kuhustle nayo.

Ironically, the faster you react the better you will handle the job loss. Uza probox na uhamie bedsitter. Wacha sherehe kabisa. Live on the bare minimum until you have a stable income again. Meanwhile utakuwa unatafuta kazi juu chini na ufungue biz na 1/5th of your savings.

Hakuna kitu ngumu kama kuuza gari but you will overcome. Gari haziishi utanunua ingine in future ukikuwa stable tena. Maybe for now unaogopa watu watasema nini but you need to grow up and stop worrying about people’s opinions.


Huwa unaoverthink sana hio probox its an asset anaweza tumia kugenerate pesa na iwe survival

The only things ni iwe na operational costs mob sana.

Sasa unacheka nini? Am trying to give this brother some legit idea which is plus plus. You see hii probox anaiingia nayo Ngobit kwa shamba, kitunguu anauziwa bei ya kurusha. Anachukua like 20 parnets, anaiingia isiolo nayo day ya soko hapo anauza mzigo half at fucken profit, soko anasonga nayo, by the time ako Marsabit, amebakisha 10 parnets, hapo anasonga na soko ya Huko interior kwa waria na samburu, by the 4th day, Jamaa ako na profit ya kitu 30k clean.

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you can never go wrong with farm produce, jua chenye utauza from cabbages, onions, carrots, waru all the way to tomatoes. Ama if you are high spirited uza muguka

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you’re always negative… always looking for the worst turn of things in everything… you wife must live a very difficult life

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Those advising sender kwa mogoka biz, that’s proper cartel biz. Itabidi Angie hio cartel otherwise kitamramba

Negative how?? Kuambia mtu a-downgrade lifestyle to survive na afungue biashara ni kukuwa negative?? You must be one of those niggas who hate being told the truth if you don’t like it. Unataka nimdanganye afurahie bila kusaidika ama?? The worst has already happened - he has lost his job.

You must be a pain in the ass juu you can’t handle uncomfortable truths. If I knew you I would just lie to you every time because you are a bitch who can’t take the truth even when its helpful.