Business idea for 40k

Wadau niko na 40k imelala kwa account na inaniwasha washa kutumia kwa malanye.

But nimepata idea ni kudivide ikuwe mbao mara mbili.

Nideposit kwa account ya jambojet na skyward niuze tiketi nikiadd service charge ya 1000 na 1500.

Then nitaongeza depisot amount
Is it a wise decision ama nitalia kwa choo za kanjo nikiwish ningekulana tu

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If you had to ask, you know where you stand.

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Kuja kata ticketi unipromote

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Killer business

Kula wamama tu

sasa una invest 20k unapata 1500 ama thao?

Per ticket so nikiuza two tickets hio ni 3k.

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If the markup is 1500

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Wueh! Noma sana hapo unaeza lala njaa banae

Utatoa wapi customer? Utakaa months uanze kuuza mkia

Come nikupe tiketi then utanirefer kwa mabeshte zako.

40k nunua laptop. Enda ushago for a while and teach yourself something useful online (coursera, udacity, pluralsight etc etc).

Rudi Nairobi and put your skills to use. For example, if you spend that time learning how to automate business work flows using AI then you’ll make a killing.

40k ni pesa kidogo sana for any sort of business.

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You need at least 100K in county and national government fees and permits to start any business in Kenya

Why would I buy a ticket through some middleman like you instead of just buying the ticket directly from jambojet??

What problem is your idea solving for a traveler??

Some people dont know how to use jambojet site.

Ata nimeona buupass wameadd hizo services wakaadd mark up.

Imagine a situation where group are travelling as group to places like Ukunda migori kitale.

Or even international travellers

How do you think sites like Expedia make money? Third parties are all the rage when it comes to flights and hotel bookings. OP wants to do something similar for Africa and it’s amazing. Just because you’re not familiar with the market doesn’t mean it’s not doable.

Saa zingine itikia haujui kitu instead of giving foolish advice. Cultivate a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset. The former means you’re open to new ideas as opposed to the latter where your ideas can not be challenged because you’re supposedly a know-it-all.

Meffi wewe.

{You’re the type to tell your kids “kwani unafikiria mimi sijui” yet your experience is from 20 years ago ever time your kid challenges you}