business as usual...


3 more b787 dreamliner added on the fleet,total to 5…just love it.

si lazima upost…

hii miaka yote hakuna kitu ya maana umewahi post

unapost utoto na upii kila siku

Let me mess with your day.
2nd loss of the season at Old Trafford loading.
That injury ravaged squad will be hit so hard by Leicester they will pity themselves for weeks.

Remember the naysayers on how this route will flop…blah…blah…we only fly emirate…yada…yada…ethiopian does what…

Well Nairobi-New York has been a hit. Daily flights realized and soaring non-stop flight to connect the two cities.

Wewe umevuta bangi kama kawaida,uka download picha za ndege wengine ukazi photoshop to KQ.
Ata mimi ni uzie ile iko na mbegu

Flown KQ dreamliner from NBO to Amsterdam. Really nice. The cabin crew were really nice and hospitable. The service was way better than BA. That airline has become an air matatu, their business class is atrocious. Virgin beats BA hands down.

No airline in my opinion beats Qatar’s business class. You’re treated like royalty. The amenity bags they give have designer stuff in them. The food served is like being in a Michelin star restaurant.