Busia town

Hello villagers, I need directions to a kuma joint around guardian angel bus booking station, hapa rastopark

Pewa kiti kwanza pink handler

Busia naskianga ni kama Mlolongo…maku ziko infected mbaya mbov. :D:D…

Ingia Uganda taste sth new. You will thank me time to be exotic

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Ingia backstreet hapo when you pass UG immigration, huko ni heppi 24/7

Kuna some pubs just after the border check point. Last I was in Busia I crossed over to have a drink in Uganda but huko hakukua na stima while in Kenya kulikua. On asking nikaambiwa zilikua zimepotea karibu one week WTF. A small pub However, the barmaid was voluptuous and after kila shughuli I would go there to clean eyes. Jaribu bahati yako huko

Ingia Arobaine ushike Kasenge halafu ingia back street usafishe macho

Doesn’t Busia town have a 34%HIV prevalence rate???
Man, y"all love taking risks!!

Wacha pang’ang’a mingi. Ulitomba ama hukutomba?

ilibidi maze

Busia kisumu noma kama nikukamua end a ug side

Ulizia Nalongo club .ni club ya Uganda located just after crossing the border through Sofia “no man’s land”

Because aids does not cross boaders?

Meff hapo panaitwa Sofia.

Sofia Market: Sh50. Don’t pay more than Ksh100, you are not coming out healthy anyway might as well kill yourself at a cheaper price.
Border Palace: Sh250. Away from town, 40/- on a motorcycle to the place. Old women though.
Quils: Sh∞. Has a swimming pool so is frequented by youngings in campus.
Complex: Place with Somali cloth stalls. Just behind it there are regular street whores at night.