bus alert!!

Hii ni basi ya Tahmeed?? Dreamline wanachukua mbili waongezee route ya Kampala, mambo full automatic. Ubaya ya hio windshield na hii barabara zetu, miaka mbili haiishi kabla haijapasuka.

hio overhang ya mbele haibambi.

I believe we’re movinh towards this, with the new body building standards developed by KeBS and enforced by NTSA since May this year.

Hii ni upuss. Welding niya Oti akiwa na njaa alafu filler mingi mingi kama matope. Verdict: This bus is twice as heavy as a normal bus should be, poorly constructed, and cannot last three years before it loses glitter.


Less than 44 because of 2x1 seating configuration

remember kuna inspection before ziende barabarani…

Sina picha za basi za githurai 45 ningekuwekea.

Inspection na nani? And what do they know about buses. This bus would not make it to European roads 50 years ago.

inspection by idiots like you who can never think beyond Githurai

Sorry to say but hizo bus za Mercedes huona mlima kabla dereva aone.

Don’t be annoyed.
Our coaches fall way below good standard as far as crash safety is concerned.

Masaaibu haya! Scania ndio king

BTW these mombasa buses hazikuwa kwa show this year! na vile tulikuwa tunaenjoy kuziingia tunabambika huko ndani! :frowning:

Scania F330 mambo yooote!!(except for water pump failures).
Bus inakula milima kama githeri…and that whistling turbo is sweeeet !!

compare it to kanyari

I think they were too big and too expensive and price competition phased them out.

Most likely. Right now Gíthùrai bus operators are downsizing in favor of 14-seaters.

Ata mimi hushindwa kama kunao wanafuata safety standarsd kama za established car makers.

the were very big and the quality of fabrication seemed way higher than what I see today. I remember seeing the new buses being bought for the first time by schools and other institutions(were first to buy the new ones). I noticed they were smaller, passengers seemed to be sitting much lower and the welding and mabati work was too obvious. the only improvement in quality I could notice is quiet engine (probably smaller)