The Us, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc, being built primarily of immigrant populations fleeing ethnic/religious/political/economic/social upheavals in Europe might probably be exempt from this narrative. Even then, Canada itself ain’t entirely in the clear. The case of Quebec quickly comes to mind.

Other than that, the primary basis of all European countries is tribe. Almost all, if not all, are built on the ruins of ethno-religious conflict. The case of African/Muslim immigrants in France or Kurdish immigrants in Getmany is too recent in historical occurrence to mask this reality. The primary reason the Scotts and English don’t see eye to eye in the UK is tribe. The reason Austria-Hungary proved unviable as a single entity is tribe. The main reason for the disquiet in multiethnic/multilingual Belgium us tribe. Closer in history, I need not mention the case if the former Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. Ukabila kila mahali. Of course, tribal homogeneity is no guarantee for anything as had been aptly proven in Somalia.

Why should we exempt them? We’re kikuyus in central province since creation haha please dont embarrass yourself any further… Even Holland i think has a black minister…

@Luther12… We all came from somewhere. migration always happens. Until you adress the greed and gluttony perpetuated by the mostly kikuyu ruling elite you will never know peace even in that central province enclave you want to create… Kwanza ile vita inaweza kua huko ni ile ya mungich because the majority Peasant kikuyu will realize that they were tricked into fighting an imaginary enemy now luos won’t be in the picture. Thats an example. Plus i know who the biggest losers will be

The main causes of tension in a region are greed, gluttony, and selfishness… religion and tribe are just used by the ruling class to hide this fact

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In both countries, Hutus are the majority. Lakini Nkurunziza is Hutu while Kagame is a Tutsi. Huku Kenya there are many Rwandans wanaishi Umoja and Kayole, ni kama walikuja huku siku za genocide

Kuna wahindi walibaki pakistan and muslims wakabaki india. Pia remember, Bangladesh (formerly E. Pakistan) broke away from Pakistan in the early 1970’s. The conflict in Burundi is not a Tutsi/Hutu issue per se. There are Hutus who don’t like Nkurunziza just like in Rwanda where some Tutsis are in the opposition.

According to @Luther12 line of thinking hao pia wapewe Republic of Kayole

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Trans-location and secession are not silver bullets that will end African problems. Hata S.Sudan walipewa country yao juzi tu na ona saa hii vile wana shida.

Actually Nkurunziza Mum is a Tutsi, Hiyo vita si ya kikabila vile wasee hapa wanafikiria. Shida is most of us are one dimensional.

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Lakini Presidents huwa maumbwa sana…Kagame ndio mwanaume.Alishow Nkurunzinza’What sort of president are you.Sitting in State house while bodies litter the streets’
Uhuru na wenzake wamekaa tu.Wakijifanya hakuna kitu inaendelea.:(:frowning:

Kweli, hata Joseph Kabila’s mum is a Tutsi yet he is a sworn enemy of Kagame and M7, both of whom happen to be Tutsi

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for once you have typed in small caps. Phew!!!

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True. The Belgiun colonization set the tention by propagating that Tutsis are superior than Hutus yet they were living in harmony and speaking the same language. The end result was slaughtering the Tutsis in the Rwanda Genocide. Since then the policy is, only one ethnicity ‘Rwandan’ case closed

Check clearly what I wrote… " all stable countries in the world are homogeneous or ruled by a homogeneous government"… These countries you’ve mentioned are governed by the same type of people… you might as well have used colonial Kenya as an example… it had all these communities it has now plus a high number of whites but it was only the whites who governed and formed policies… USA is clearly a white governed country, and don’t bring Obama into the argument as he’s just a puppet… South Africa got to where it is due to the long apartheid rule in which its government was homogeneous… Are you trying to tell me that because there are so many immigrants in Dubai, therefore it’s not an Arab controlled country??

But the problem with this type of governing is that it eventually creates tension… that’s why colonized countries eventually fought for what they called freedom… so to eliminate any possible future tension you need the rulers and the population to be as similar as possible… homogeneous countries like Japan and Korea which have very little immigration compared to the western countries are more likely to survive for another 2 millenia

these kind of arguments assume that Africa is one huge community where everyone is their brother’s keeper… All I need to care about as a member of the Gema community is that we have our own stable country and life goes on…

Dream on my friend the Scotts Welsh Irish and English have closer ties to each other yet became bitter enemies due to the dominance of the English. Your argument holds no water, as i said previously, that would be the end of your ‘gema’ thing. You are only United because of the other “enemies” from the west. Eliminate the said enemies from the equation and you’ll start going for each other’s throats… Moreover, i think the rest would do just fine considering most of the ills ailing us originate from one place. Thievery, corruption etc thats why kenyatta went to war with the shiftas and kibaki the MRC when they tried any talk of secession. Dont you think them being kikuyus, wouldn’t they have just threw caution to the wind and said good riddance, we as kikuyus would be better off anyway by ourselves. . Well they didn’t, because they are smarter than you klist experts . They knew if granted their wishes the rest of the country (read government /kikuyu controlled exchequer) would lose big time by importing goods from the new state of MOMBASA… think about it for five minutes before further typing a retarded reply

Achana na hawa watu. ata huyu daktari unaweza dhani akili imefunguka. Argument za class one. Na huyu father figure ni fascist in the closet. He actually thinks Gema would be first world if there werent others.

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In fact, gema(which is your veil to keep you from saying kikuyu) would the most backward without the resources from places like rift valley and coast.
Na usidhanie mimi ni mjaluo or even close. I am just being objective

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Hehe skia huyu jamaa Ati Korea. The enmity between the north side and the South is soo deep to the point of one side threatening to exterminate the other. Yet my friend, they speak the same language, basically they are brothers wacha hio GEMA.
To your second point where you shifted goalposts which is also false, the agikuyu elite after taking over the whites from colonial rule dominated and are now dominant in the political and economic fields, has it made kenya more stable?
I give up on this argument

Like almost every human being, you’re just suffering from what they call ‘Status-Quo Biasness’… According to you anything that departs from the normal baseline has to lead to a loss. And so you have to use any tactic possible to show that (a) we’ll still have the same problems if we depart from status-quo or (b) that we’ll even suffer a greater loss if we create change (like how Rene says Gema will be backward without the resources from others). So you’re trying to tell me that the the tension we have between kikuyus and Luos will be exactly the same (if not worse) as that between Kikuyu & Meru or Kiambu kikuyus & Nyeri Kikuyus if the Luo were eliminated from the picture. This is just absurd. There may still be differences but they definitely won’t be the same. You can’t say the differences between you and your brother are the same as the differences between you and a random stranger in the street and that therefore it makes no difference living together with your brother and living together with the random stranger.

All you’re saying in short is let things remain the way they are because that’s how we found them. Even the presidents u used in your example suffred from this status quo biasness. Let me tell you this, if u had been born in a world where that so called MRC was a country and you were in another small landlocked country called Samburu you would not have imagined things being any other way. The Scotts and Irish have their own country so I don’t see how their ‘hate’ to each other is derailing their progress.

As for Rene, Japan has no major resources yet it’s the world third largest economy. Provided Gema are on their own and are given sufficient time they’ll solve every problem thrown their way; atleast they’ll do a much better job than the current mixture we have.