He gets the votes because the country is stable at the moment and people are in fear of a transition.

Not really. Politicians threw in the religion card after their political machinations failed. It was never about Muslims and or Hindus at first…

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That wasnt swapping. It was creation of countries just like the british created Uganda and kenya from british east africa. Anbody near the border could have switched countries early if they had a reason to or if there were a conflict. Its good to be honest with language. Burundi and rwanda are established countries. Not tribal regions. How does rwanda try to take burundi’s political shit?

The situation is not any different in Kenya. The few rich ruling class rules the majority poor proletariat masses. And they are hoodwinked every five years that they are the ones choosing who will rule…


That should be the least of ur concerns now… there r people who will know how to implement… my point is that the stability of a nation depends alot on how homogeneous it is… all stable countries in the world are homogeneous or ruled by a homogeneous government… the more mixed a country is the more unstable it is… like kenya is just playing with fire… our so called peace is a time bomb…

Thats what am saying. there is no feasible way to do that. Thats just a wish.

@Rene Descartes wewe ni expert wa picha na history ya world wars and the Nazis…wachana na current affairs,itakuchosha bureee. Go post one Field Marshal Mussolini story tufurahi

you’re making the logical error that ‘if i don’t see how it can be done then it can’t be done’ …Every project/idea will always seem non-feasible to most… e.g i still dont understand how surgeons repair the heart or brain without killing the patient; according to me it’s impossible but they do it…

this union we call kenya is no different from the other african countries u see fighting… it’s very shaky… we’re headed to a very dangerous place where whether you like it or not borders will be redrawn… we can choose to do it voluntarily or wait for disaster… but it’s going to happen

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when is it happening ? when my great grandkid is president?

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in the next few elections

@Father Figure , [SIZE=5]The most knowledgeable of the jobless corner inhabitants. …found in almost all middle class housing estates…go on we’re listening [/SIZE]:cool:


only if the masses would understand that living with your next door neighbour in peace and respects pays alot.
we would be better far off.
lakini wanjiku ni ngombe kila mahali


Turkey and Greece did that. Millions were displaced. My history is a bit rusted, don’t quite recall the details.

Not really, Ethiopia has more tribes than we do, so does Tanzania. Tribalism is just a tool that politicians know will work in their favour, just like @le scumbag said, when their initial machinations fail, they go for the option that is most likely to divide the people in large enough numbers to keep their interests taken care of


Moving either tribe into one of the countries may not work the magic. IMO, the best option would be to dissolve both Rwanda & Burundi and let them choose where to live, either in Ug, Tz or DRC and not necessarily at their current geographical locations. Quite utopian, I know.

How do you dissolve a country. Unless you annex it by force, you cannot dissolve a country. You are all fronting infeasible/magic ideas.

Mi a Seh World Leaders Should now act and help the innocent Victims…How many more deaths are they looking forward to in order for them to act…?? This two words should be ignored a times - DIPLOMACY & DEMOCRACY…for the sake of Human race and the Less fortunate…

My Heart Bleeds for Women , Kids and the Elderly.


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So USA, BRITAIN, FRANCE, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, SOUTH AFRICA, BRAZIL, are populated by people of the same tribe? Utter hogwash!! ! ! The only difference in these countries is that the population know their rights and there’s some semblance of equality. Equal rights and justice then peace will follow. There can’t be peace where there is oppression… Look at Somalia


Your arguments are retarded to say the least. Africa has more than 1000 different tribes. So you are suggesting we divide it into numerous enclaves while the rest are moving to integration? What will happen to Nairobi, Nakuru, mombasa, where some were born there and dont know any other home? Akili mingi huondoa maarifa

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If that’s what it takes, yes.