Buroti pale Malaa KBC

40 x 80 kitu swafi na title, 250 meters off kangundo rd. 650k. Leo no weekend, kujeni for viewing. Hit a brother up. Mwanaume ni buroti, na buroti ni title.

40 x 80?! kama hakuna sewer line ukichimba Septic peke yake si itamaliza hiyo buroti? na ukipata neibas wako na latrines hiyo ni kama unaishi Ruai Sewage!

He he, sawa birrionaire. Samahani lakini, sina acre 5 nikuuzie.

Not true…

Kama nyama, minimum tunaeza wekerea ni nuthu.

Nairobi ni shamba ya mawe , somebody ranted in morning…vijana nunueni broti , wachana na blue subaru !

naona kuna siku very soon mtauziwa 30 by 30. Centimeters that is. With ready titles.

Mchanga haiozi

Pin hio licatio. Hapa tuicheck

I’ve said it in another thread hii kushikilia mchanga ndio inarudisha watu nyuma. Ati speculation. I’ll make millions from nothing in TWO DECADES. Ngojea tu miaka kadhaa! You just wait the govt. is about to build a road and electricity is coming… you will resell for millions.Well even in the deserts of Isiolo the govt. has built a road and planted electricity poles.

It’s laziness is what that is. Hadi kulima ati you give a fellow several millions ati akulimie greenhouse na akulipe many more millions in return. Just wait in Nairobi. It’s coming. Millions. I swear.

A nation of dreamers and speculators. And who exactly will do the buying? Si afadhali ukule hio pesa. Umalize nyumba, ulipe school fees, ununulie bibi gari… things that are tangible. Spheres that you understand.

" You know I have three acres in Narok. I’ve only been there once and I got 3 punctures and I was almost raped by a lion! I will fence the place in a few years time. There are a few manyattas/squatters but the title is legit."

malaa si nairobi ngombe hii,nilikusamehea vile uli tow the line otherwise ungejua hujui,tano tena

Kuna kitu inaitwa Metropolitan…kimende kajianda myakos , kirimambogo , thika etc kama uko nairofi , tafuta mbroti wachana ngombe !

I can relate. Ruai is great…infracture is nil. Instead of septic… do biodigester. Three bedrroom system would cost around around 80 to 150k

[COLOR=rgb(163, 143, 132)]@Aleki007 [COLOR=rgb(247, 218, 100)]wewe wacha siasa… I bought 1000ltr tank , nikaindunga chini kama underground pit ! Today sewerline , even streetlights ziko ! Watu wanjikakamue wabuy plot !

Look at our population growth… This is no Japan or Australia. Land will beat all forms of investment in the near future (15-20yrs).shida iko kwa commercial properties especially offices kwanza hapo upperhill. I was at britam, prism, uap and they are literally empty. Hata lavington, kilimani and kile is full of empty houses… Lakini the owners don’t seem to sweat it coz hawa ndio tenderprenuers and they are looking for a place to stash the excess money. Until rural urban migration stops or reverses(maybe in several centuries) the law of supply and demand will rule.

Zina itwa hearsay.Getting facts from some people is a gamble .
To some afadhali kuwe na sewage line but not clean running water.Sijui Choo ata flush akitumia mini.

But where is the demand coming from? NYS thugs? S. Sudan warlords? Somali pirates? Ordinary kenyans?

The amount of empty real estate in Nairobi alone is probably sufficient to house all the hawkers in East Africa. With the current economy will the bubble burst?

Empty malls and office blocks while hawkers are scorched in the sun or swim in mud and sewage.

Empty basement parking slots while you fight for parking on the streets of Nairobi. It’s a mad world.