Burger hot dog joint

I stay in a relatively insulated area but I have noted so many youths around dating and stuff . I am thinking of opening a burger joint (those overpraised fuckers), hot dogs etc. I am to buy a motorbike to do home deliveries at an extra fee of 30 Bob. Is this a good idea? I am thinking I can give them a solution where they can hang out instead of going to town. What do I need to look out for? Any advice?

Nice good idea… You have seen a solution to a problem then you make money in the process. Wishing you well.

Do they have spending power, hao ma yolo watajaza joint yako sippin on a sprite, talking away for three hours.

Yep, I run into a lot of them buying soda and yoghurt after playing basketball. I have also been frustrated by the lack of diversity n terms of food and snacks.

Depending on location they have parents money or not

Utaoa LiNi??

na kutumia WIFI na ku-ignore standing customers…

but it is not a bad idea.

This year. Usipotee sana

Wewe ndio umepotea and you know what i mean,weka WiFi pia kwa mpango ya biashara which is limited ,vijana wakinunua kitu unawapea password which you change after every thirty minutes.

Put your seed capital intact. 30% should cover full cost of setting up operations. 30% should be as operating capital in its own account, 30% should be for supplies and 10% as savings for emergencies. What ever you make daily bank it. However since its a front end business you will need the lose cash for change but disciple in cash management is paramount. Do your returns daily, weekly and monthly. Whatever you make as profit, have a set plan for its distribution. I.e 30% running costs (utilities/wages-including your own don’t work for free) 30% return of investment, 30% supplies and 10% savings. This means every month you are increasing your working capital, savings, getting a return of investments and paying all the bills. Continue like this until you recover all your initial investment. Now look back. You have a business, bigger capital account, bigger savings, no debt, you have been earning your own wages and a banking history which can help you along in the future.

Kwa hayo machache good luck.

Thank You man

na utuwekee wazito wines and spirits kando ya kuuza only 3rd tier alcohol .

Hapo wines and spirits siezi weka. Nitakua hunted down for spoiling watoto. He he ni kubaya

It’s a good idea lakini uko kwenyu utapa wapi space ya biashara kama io?

Kuna jamaa alileta containers bado anashindwa afanye nini. Nimemshow natak rooms mbili aharakishe akasea sawa.

If possible rent one of those unocuppied plots place your container there. Alafu utumie io space ingine as an outdoor sitting/eating area…
You should also target the school and church on sundays.

Si uko single bado, anza kupikia kwa nyumba kwanza, zungusha well designed fliers uone reception b4 uanze kulipa rent ya duka

Some guys used to sell burgers from an old kombi opposite bacchus lounge, their burgers zilikuwa fiti. They had fitted a countertop grill and a shawarma grill hapo nyuma ilikuwa an awesome setup na burgers zilikuwa 100/=. Dont know what happened to them but walikuwa biz mbaya.

Kweli wewe ni CID, yaani unaishi kwa bunker

Well put, umkhonto!