burdens of kunguru

wadau hapa vipi


Hii ni ujinga…kwani ulioa familia Yao yote…I can’t educate them.

Hata ufanyie in-laws aje, the moment mnakosana you shall always be Saitan and Meffi in their eyes

Entitled fucks

Mutu ufanyanga bare minimum banae

this is why you do not take care of inlaws


Hawana Baba? Ama wafanye harambee

Honestly I’m glad niko mid 20s at this point of social media. Unaona mistakes watu wanamake kama una avoid. Older people had to learn through trial

Makosa ni yake , asomeshe hizo ghaseeer courses zinataka. Before committing himself to pay any single coin on the first place ,he should have told them he isn’t their father .

Hata niwe tajiri kama Elon musk siwezi somesha In- laws.

The entitlement that family has towards that man’s money is on another level. Let them educate their kids on their own. The man has no obligation to that family

Sexually transmitted poverty. Ukikubali kuwa punda lazima ubebeshwe mizigo sio zako.

I’m perplexed by the audacity of that lady. Instead of appreciating that the SIMP husband is ready to pay for her siblings’ education she is there dictating how the dickhead should use his money.

Ndio maana boundaries muhimu. Once a woman sees you as a weak simp that view can almost never change. It’s why they have the audacity to hit up old simps 10 years later when options are out. They still think the man is the same and will worship them. And sadly some simps still do so can’t blame them for thinking that

Yes. I agree.
Bare minimum is bailing them out when it’s absolutely necessary and visiting them with a kaShopping once a while.

Sio Kama anaa Pal of mine, the Father is a simp eti monthly lazima familia wajaze boot na shopping wakaone Mama ya Bibi yake. And it’s not that she is badly off or ailing. It’s just a rule that has to be followed.
Sigwes. Hata Huyo jamaa beshte yangu huboeka na Babake sana

Simple, the brother who is a lawyer takes the sibling who wants to study law and the pharmacist takes the sibling who wants to study pharmacy.
You can’t burden the husband yet your family is capable.

ana boeka aje na ni nyayake?

The simp was proving something sasa inamlemea.Huyu has been raising his step kids all along.