How are bunkers constructed, that cops have to come with drills, “high technical” bolt cutters and tear gas. Asking for a friend who is holed up somewhere like a smelly rodent at an undisclosed location.


One-jiggy acha kusumbua…:D:D:D:D


But you have to admire Wanjigi, an entire govt looking for you na huwespatikana, the resiliency of his front door is just something else all together


The cops would better get some engineers and portable x ray machines if they want to penetrate that bunker

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Kuna zile za house of Yahweh walikua wanachimba migodi :D:D


dynamite could easily do the trick…

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Mi naona maofsas wanapelekwa on a fishing expedition a.k.a kuenjoiwa…coz i believe if the govt wanted him wangeenda na bulldozer without even going to court, kesi baadae. Saa ii tungekua tunaoneshwa a gate brought down ruthlessly na iyo bunker ikiwa imechiMbwa

RAT is the unexpected biggest benefit of this turn of events. Should wanjigi be imprisoned then he wouldn’t have to repay his billions in debt owed to him. Saa hii anakaza kabisa hoping its done and complete his con game with another billionaire. He can even still use his name for as a rallying call in funerals forever.

Hio bunker must be like a bedsitter, with plenty of food and water, it’s own different water, power, communication and ventilation system from the main house and Jimmy can live there for quite sometime


HIGH COURT grants Wanjigi Sh50,000 anticipatory bail; blocks his arrest until October 19 and warns police against damaging his assets.

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True, but air/ water/power has to be from outside somehow.

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hii kazi wangetafuta watu wa jua kali kama kina @introvert wachape hizo milango wielding na waende wauze kama scrape metal .


Omwami siku hizi navaa suti na tie.
Niliwacha jua kali.


suti na tai tumewachia @culture

WD40 inaweza yeyusha mlango ya bunker, au watumie WD60?

Watafute ile sheppart ya @uwesmake inakojoleanga unsuspecting wananchi kwa street.
Hiyo bunker itadissolve kama Eno.


Hio bunker imejaa moshi ya bangi itadilute teargas

waite Israelis wamalize hii mambo. in under ten minutes


Find the air exhauster and blow teargasback in there. Jamaa atatoka ki-Saddam.