Bungoma: Man stabbed to death after fight over a woman

A man was fatally stabbed in Bumula, Bungoma County on Monday during a fight with another man over a woman.

According to the police, the victim, identified as Titus Wamalwa, died on the spot after he was stabbed by Oliver Wafula in the chest with a kitchen knife.

The two are said to have staged the fight in the said woman’s house, who was only identified as Njoki.

“In the encounter staged at Njoki’s house, the suspect behind the killing suffered powerful punches from the deceased, who is rumoured by to have been an amateur pugilist,” DCI said.

With Wafula on the verge of losing the said battle, it is alleged he reached out for the kitchen knife before stabbing his opponent

“On the verge of defeat, the suspect suddenly reached for a kitchen knife in the house and drove it deep into his opponent’s chest, killing him on the spot.”

However, the suspect is said to have gone into hiding after committing the heinous act, but would later be cornered at Kimwanga market as he tried to sneak out of town.

“Detectives got wind of the incident and immediately cordoned off Kimwanga market, in search of the suspect who was finally cornered as he tried to sneak out of town,” DCI said

Police also noted that the murder weapon had been recovered at the scene of crime and will be used in court as a key exhibit against the suspect.

“The bloodstained kitchen knife used in the killing was also recovered from the woman’s house and shall be produced in court as a key exhibit against the suspect,” DCI said.

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