Bunge FC

I have not heard of bunge FC since I grew up till now. What happened?

Moi ni giant. How tall is he? Halafu mbona giddy ni katumani?

Robert ouko was a goalkeeper.

Cheza chini brathe

In ‘most cases’, your kids will be the average height of both parents.
The father is 6.2 and the mother is 5.4, expect the average height to be 5.8.

Mbona most cases in quotes? Kwetu sidhani iko mzazi anapita 5’8 but maboy tunachezea 6’2 na kuendelea

In quotes because it’s an average, pia heights as paternal and maternal grandfather huwa kwa mix

The current Bunge Fc was playing against other East African parliaments just the other day with the likes of Duale, mbadi and Mutula jnr in the team.
You must be living in a hole.

and they lost i guess

Your mum has some explaining to do !! :wink:

Photocopy of the old man except height

He probably thought they play in the KPL


Hehe, mjamaa hauko serious:D, hakuna vile mtu anaweza shindia babake 6inch+ kwa height bana. with the mother that gap is normal. hapo iko MTU alicheswo:D

hata Charles Njonjo, mtu wa British royal family kumbe alicheza ball?

Na these days hata MP wamama wanacheza.