Bunduki na Footbridge



Hehe hapa masweep tu lakini jamaa ameongea ukweli

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Surpringly John never answers Hassan.


you dont answer to a junior unamlenga aongee ujinga mpaka ajikasirishe , the way nimeignore @KnightRider ana ni tag mpaka anakasirika when i dont reply . Omar ni mtu mujinga a jubilee mole . @Ruffneck mbona hii panya alshabab haikukuja jana Bomas


sina info bado tikiteta!

ongea na anko yako kamelon utuambie .

Omar ni msmart kuliko yule 001…he deserves to be a kingpin kule coast

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He is too much of an activist I think.

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kweli utalinganisha wakili na form four dropout with fake papers?


Hiyo tu ndiyo inamkazia…but I like the way alikibiza AG na maswali during the election law debate…

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See how jubilee guys are now praising Hassan Omar. Remember when he was an activist and always criticising Kibakis gvt for extra judicial killings? These same jubilee guys were on his case mbaya.

How things change?

ION: naskia ukitaka win jubilee nomination for any seat in C.K just abuse the following leaders:-

  1. Raila Odinga
  2. Joho
  3. Ndii

In that order
*Funny how they mock Joho for failing his KCSE exams but some one like Sonko who is a Form 3 drop out, a jail bird (shimo la tewa prison) is good to go


i think it is you who has a problem. the so-called jubilee guys cannot have an opinion about an issue without having to see it through political lenses?

Yesterday during/after NASA’s unification rally, how many threads cropped up?

  1. Ndii
  2. Joho’s education background
  3. What was the reason of the Bomas rally?

Among others. All by JAP “mogaka” boys.

Now tell me when JAP was launching it’s party sometime last year did any CORD supporters criticise the launch? In fact it was JAP boys who flooded this place with thread after thread telling who cared to read about the on goings. We were even told how muthamaki is a cool guy by letting Bahati sit on his throne(presidential seat)

My point
Change your lenses. Don’t focus only on yr rival party.

do you even believe yourself?

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Magua!Thie ukoge ta kigui!mushenji uyu!

@sludgist nilisema utulie

He can get my vote if he goes for governor but swahilis will carry the day with their Arab butt licking culture.

Deranged homo. LOL who cares?! Never reply. You’re the village clown. We always have a good laugh. Chromosome ya uhomo imejitokelezea kwa son yako?

@Mathaais rudi huyu bibi mdogo wako atanimaliza na ujinga
Cc @Bingwa