Bundles, texts and calls

After the brutal murder of lawyer Willie Kimani, forensics are having trouble getting through to Collymore. As we have learnt through the police vetting process, a lot can be told about a man through his phone records.
Sasa Suffericom are invoking bill of rights. This is valid considering we don’t want to become another big brother nation like US where every step you’re under surveillance.
On the other hand, i wonder how many crimes would be solved if they provided phone data of accused suspects. Hata Waiguru saa hii Angekuwa ndani akikula simiti. Vile anasema hajui Kabura na yuko kwa speed dial.

Hii hata mimi nilijikuta na maswali mingi when I heard one of the lawyer demands for info from safcon…pia another mpig alikuwa anadai vetting process ya police ni noma juu sending home over 300 policemen once is creating a dark force that will be difficult to deal with…juu they have all the secret of the police force…so crime itapanda…more disappearance…

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewe! if you want info, get a court order. Safcom will comply so fast you’ll think ni njoti umemwaga.

I also thought so.

Ile siku bibi ya jirani ataenda saf com kuitisha details zako juu umenunua SQNY 21" ndio uta appreciate privacy