Bundas by Chris Kaiga.

The beat is fire but I think he didn’t do justice to the beat.

soooooo,the beat is good but not good at the same time? the paradox …

:DTulia buda. Let us read slowly. The beat is good but Chris Kaigas rap’s could have been better in order to match the quality and feel of the beat.

Niaje huwa mnasahau huyu jamaa mkichokoza @Jirani?

huyo jamaa ni teflon don:D:D:D:D:cool::cool:,niaje patty

if it was explained like how you did,then singeweka kiherehere yangu hapo,au vipi chief?

Though… I just played the role of a modem, translating from digital to analogue.:smiley:

bundles ndio shida ama?
thank me now