Bum/hobosexual thrown out during a pandemic by sugar mummy4coming home at 3am

Boys, her house, her rules. LOL. I’m sure purple would not do this to her precious wife after paying for the wedding and relocating him all the way. Guys make sure that a woman invests alot of money in you so that she can’t afford to kick you out bcz of how much she’s invested in you. And when she tries throwing you out, use the tactics this guy is using, tell her she’s your wife and no matter what happens you will always be coming back to her bcz she’s your WIFE that’s the magic word that will get you back in her house. LOL. Women can be really dumb.


Niaje madam. Naonanga wanaume hapa wakikushambulia. What is the reason for this?

I’ve blocked all of them so hata Sijui huwa wanasemaje