Bum Enlargement Cream

Alitaka kunenepesha makalio ili awe na WOWOWO, lakini baada ya kuchomwa sindano hiki ndicho kilichomkuta. Wanadada mlio na nia ya kuongezea makalio yenu be warned

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Weka spoiler, nugu hii!



hio kitu mimi nakula mbaya mbaya

You are an animal.

:D:D:D:D:D you are a tree .

FAKE!! kwani alipaka side moja pekee…

sasa ni cream au injection?

Both sides but ikareact na side moja…have you ever asked yourself why certain vaccines are injected on the right side aof the body while the others on the left?

you are loosing us more. your title talks of a cream while the text talks of an injection. was the cream injected into the body or smeared ?
mambo ya vaccine anzisha thread ingine priss.

The difference is the same…I don’t have to break everything down for you … The bum enlargement medication can either be applied(cream) or injected (liquid) …

so which was which?

Do proper research and don bring click baits za zuckerberg hapa

[ATTACH=full]156722[/ATTACH] jinks we both posted the same shit at the same time

[SIZE=6]bum enlargement[/SIZE]

Ai yawa …kwani you din get the qstn?

this i have to hear. WHY?

my friend, one of us must be slow…and i doubt i am the one. sorry.

Take an early shower…Puga