Bullying in Society 2

Bullying is a result of a breakdown of Discipline and Society Values.
It is only Low esteem and troubled individuals who get satisfaction out of bullying others .

And it can have very tragic consequences


Where were the Teachers and other responsible Students when this was happening …???

Some stupid people think bullying others is a show of power. These characters are in almost every home. Some of your siblings could be bullies, you need to spot that. Some in authority even find it entertaining, and that’s why they stand and watch–because they are bullies themselves. You’ll see similar behaviour right here in the village. Remember what monsters called teachers existed before Kibaki abolished caning? Those were bullies. There are still some in schools today. Sadly, bullies grow up, and get jobs, but only the body grows, not the mind. Some become heads of state, ministers and governors, MPs, etc.
Look at the Meru governor’s tormentors. Those are shameless grown up bullies in suits. Look at many other people in gava today, watch their arrogant demeanor toward the public.
Africa has very serious problems, and they aren’t economic. They are moral. What we have is not scarcity of resources; it’s scarcity of goodwill. We have foolish, selfish, greedy, and cruel people in huge numbers. People treat others with a shocking brutality when the see them as weaker. In short, we are not good people, speaking collectively.


Sir …
You took the words right out of my mouth…

Some bullies are actually groomed and encouraged by the environment they live in
They see their elders and role models getting away with it and that makes it okay for them also …

You are correct that this behavior exists right here in this often wretched “Village” of ours

You will find mobs of unruly , uncouth , evil minded , juvenile morons in here ganging up to villify or degrade a particular member without just cause …
Or because the don’t share similar backward opinions or wear the same colour shirt …

There is a difference between a disagreement of opinion and bullying

One is Civil while the other is malicious and injurious - with long term or terminal consequences

Those in charge of Moderation in here are equally guilty

Instead of immediate sanctions or even calling the behavior to order …
They will often ignore the behavior or even give it a pass - compounding the injustice.

I have a working remedy …
NEVER ever let any bully get away with negative behavior.

Bullies are actually dysfunctional , insecure human beings who should be contained in any community or society.


You are forgeting matatu drivers and vvip escorts…bullies!!


Forgetting lecturers in unis and teachers

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Brathe hauwezi enda siku mbili bila kulamba rasa za maraya msee @TrumanCapote

Hii nayo she deserved it. Every once in a while politicians should be tossed around and have a taste of what being jobless means. She will be careful next time, since she knows that if she so as farts she’s out. I don’t see bullying anywhere near politics.
I think it is okay to bully the likes of Kinyozi stima Kipepeo fundi seremala wa fudhi Jebedeyo @tombayeye and @Panyaste .

Busy taking selfies…

Just do what some people do …

Stop Your Car , Lock all Doors and Windows …
And if you have a Mobile Phone or Dash Cam , start recording the Incident

That way , you have plenty of solid evidence for Social Media ( … since you can’t get very far in a Kenyan Law Court against a VVIP …)

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Society does reward bullies, so there’s incentive to be one, and giving bullies (positive or negative) attention is a form of validation.
I think the focus should shift to victims of bullies instead. Giving them tools of defense, either verbal, physical or mental, should be the focus. You can’t tell a bully to stop being a bully. Never works.


You don’t tell them …
You oppose , expose and frustrate them …

90% of bullies are actually cowards who will back down when confronted …
The other 10% are potentially dangerous pathological characters who require stronger “medicine” …:blush::fire:


I cant remember the last time i was a victim of this…hakuna matatu hunikaribia na most vvips from my neighbourhood know my car…red plate na gari ya maana husaidia mimi

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Careful, this is a sex and relationships post. Focus on how good her hips swing as she slaps her. She shoulda also slapped di ass.

Red plates will give you immunity from harrassment …
Those fools have no idea if you are Embassy or UN … :blush:


Reminds me of some fat fool who suddenly got off his lane in a Prado and drove against oncoming traffic, tried pushing my dudu off State Hse road hapo YMCA. I simply switched on all headlights and sat staring blankly at him as he kept waving his fat arm at me and honking. Traffic built up behind me and others started honking at him. He had to beg those in his lane to give him space to get back there. Nonsense.

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Sorry for her. Bullies don’t turn me on; they irritate

Most African societies lacking morals attribute it to colonialism & the barbaric ruling class. Intensive studies have been undertaken in this area… the effects on our mindsets starting from the puppet leadership delegated to us by the West, the trickle down effect etc. An uprising against bullies is met with astronomic unmatched force by the enablers & the cartels. The end result is a replication in our institutions, schools are not exempted from this extremesim either. Solution… there is a need to retrace our roots, nip off these injustices and stop encouraging outcast behaviors right from the way we parent to the way that we treat our colleagues when in leadership/ superior positions for us to have a balanced society.


Bullies should be hanged.


Precisely my point …
And you achieve that by fearlessly confronting bullies and their idiocy at every opportunity …
Africans are generally and naturally very polite people…
We need to hit the Reset button.