Niaje waseee… Now I have always wanted to be a tycoon, just be a part of something big with alot of power and Monopoly in it. And seeing as we have opened a gun factory in ruiru, it simply means soon we’ll have a high demand for bullets and therefore someone will be needed to supply them, So I’ve been thinking… How can I get into the Ammo business, start selling all types of bullets, rounds and vests if need be? Mtu huingia aje biz ka iyo?

Hio ni biashara ya wakubwa unless you smuggle them from port of Kismayo to Kenya via trucks carrying sheep and goats hii biz huwezi pewa license na govt.
FYI which guns are we making in ruiru?

Kenya already has a state-owned ordnance factory that produces most of the bullets, small artillery and ammunitions used by the security forces in Kenya. It’s called Kenya Ordnance Factories Corporation (kofc), its located in Eldoret.
How do you want to enter this business and you don’t even know this fact?

Well… now I know… still want to do it :confused:

Kijana biashara kama hiyo huwezi kubalishwa kufanya… Labda iwe chini ya maji unauzia wezi hizo bullets… Ju hii nayo ni Kenya lazima kuna wezi watakuwa wanauziwa izo guns za Ruiru