Building Permits, Kilifi County.


The plan is to build a 4bedroom mansionette around Mtwapa on a 50 by 60 feet plot. House itself will take between 190-250 square meters.

Currently, the drawings are being worked on. Shida sasa ni what permits do i need before i start building? Residential houses under 5M naskia don’t need NEMA or NCA.

Nani anaweza kuwa na ujumbe on the type of permits needed and their respective costs?
Or info on where i can find them?

If you can procure them on my behalf pia, dm me.


Nema ata pigsties lazima wakulie

there are a whole lot of new requirements on the building scene. why don’t you visit a national construction authority office near you for the whole list. brokers like shortcuts and that might put you in trouble in future.

The person who is working on those drawings should help you with the approval process…
For construction to commence all you need is construction permit and copies of the approved drawings.


In Kajiado, you go to the county council with your plans including structural engineering and all. The various departments give approval and you pay the approval fees and you’re done.
Point to note, the square meters will determine the prices from what I gathered.
How it’s done at the coast could be the same at the applicable county offices.
Brace yourself for bribe seeking people, but stay straight, all departments approvals have been brought to one office so need to move around hence no need to bribe. Could be different in your area.

@gashwin, sawasawa. Will do that.
@Randy, the drawing guy tayari nampea 100k for the complete drawing and BOQ. He says if i want him to do the whole permits thing, nimpee another 400k on top…having not built before, cjui kama hii ni kugongwa ama iko within limits; considering the type and size of house.
@Bigfish, thanks for the info. If they are all in one office then i think its easier hata mtu akijifanyia mwenyewe.

Huu ni ugongaji

Kwanzi aliniambia 250k…kidogo kidogo akanipigia usiku saying alikosea, ni 500k. For Mombasa county alisema ni almost 100k more

Wtf? All he has to do is send the drawings to the council utumiwe invoice. The cost of approving such house is not more than 55k.

Mwambie akupatie drawing zako uyo ni mwizi…
I will ask around to see if i can find someone to help you with the approval process in kilifi.

I’ll appreciate. I had a funny feeling that nilikuwa nagongwa

Never ignore your instincts. It’s what makes us survive in this harsh world. Ati 400k Ngombe yeye


Nyumba unataka kujenga area code gani?

msee what kind of shack is this?

will also be commencing an approval process in Watamu,Malindi, will get u contacts of the county approval guys once i get them.

Mtwapa…hii iko kilifi county sio.


Nimechukua my drawing back…hata natafuta mtu wa kunichorea. Bora ukichora pia utasupervise during construction process; to make sure all is as planned

Hehe, small enough for mum and siblings. Palace yangu itakuja afterwards