Building in KaNairo that can withstand a 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake

[ATTACH=full]494789[/ATTACH]withstanding tremors & earthquakes since 1963 …:smiley:

Britam towers can withstand

Kenyans never disappoint.

Co-op bank headquarters

Very solid building as evidenced by the bomb blast

True dat rasta

We have very robust structures in the city despite what may be imagined

kama bado kangekuwa


Hapo ndio naweka pesa ya pension.

Shida iko Kwa rentals. Especially the low income settlement areas like Pipeline and Kayole

Rentals hazina structural integrity. Unapata Nyumba inaporomoka like a house of cards …:confused:


Earthquake ya 7.5 ikifanyika Kenya hakuna building itabaki imesimama, in China buildings zikona shock absorbers izo building mnasema zilijengwa 1970, I highly doubt the engineers thought of earthquake prevention.

Most Kenyan buildings are a tragedy waiting to happen

ikifanyika Nairofi, 1 million dead.