Building a house in ushago or Nairobi?

Hey folks,
For a young professional, which one should one prioritize? Professionally, my short term, medium term and long term career aspirations are that I will be based in Nairobi. Should one begin by building a nice house at home, or just Nairobi. Remember Bitange’s opinion of dead capital? he says that investing millions in a country home where you hardly spend more than 21 days per year isnt a sound financial decision. So as a young family man, which one should be prioritized?

If you can, invest(build) in town. Juu i know home unaenda tu for holiday. When you retire you can sell or lease or whatever people do
For now also jenga a small house kama one bedroom hivi very basic ndio ukienda na bibi mnakuwa na privacy. You can copy design za cottages za kws ama kenya forest service

Weka hio pesa kwa fixed deposit account. I understand I&M offers 16% per year. Rent a high end apartment and pocket/save the rest.

The house in town will generate income. The village house is your fall back plan (kakiumana) But Sema kulalisha pesa. You do the math.

Bitange answered your question !

Kama home ni Muguga or Rironi, Kimende then it’s easy. Build at home

Pale mfuko yako imefika

Build a house that you will live in first. Ushago build when you are planning retirement. That is late 40s.

Build a house where you will live. That is where you will retire too.
Ocha is your parents retirement home, not yours.

Treat any other house you build as a bonus. If you’re rich, build a second home as a holiday/summer home. Perhaps in a holiday destination.
Pesa ikibaki sasa jenga ocha.

In the meantime, if your parent’s house is not big enough to accommodate everyone, there is an invention for that. It’s called hotel.
This mentality that we can only sleep in Mombasa hotels should end. Na za Nyahururu zitalalwa na nani?

Invest in your shags it will pay back big in the sunset years and serves as an awesome family getaway.


unda mahali umenunua shamba and will die and get buried there

unda mahali umenunua shamba and will die and get buried there

Which back is going to give you 16% on your deposit when they are making 14% on loans?

My ocha is just 25km away and am glad i started out in town.If u want progress move away from your homearea esp if u r young.

ocha ni wapi kama ni uthiru,kikuyu,along thika rd isokay lakini kama ni isiolo ama radius iko more than 80kms away boss!!

Devani you live in Westlands na ocha ni Parklands. Wtf are you talking about 25kms ?

Us those…

SHAGS…usijaribu kujenga Nyairofi

Nairobi jenga rentals…nyumba ya kuishi jenga ocha but away from your community